Dear Prospective Camp Le’mala Team Member:

Thank you for your interest in a staff position in our exciting summer program.

Below you will find a staff application questionnaire. 

Lemala Staff

In choosing our staff we are looking for exciting and fun, yet serious and responsible Bnei Torah, who will not only care for but also inspire their campers through their character, deeds, and aspirations.

Camp Lemala Staff.JPG

When applying for any position in camp, and especially as a counselor, you are essentially applying for a job as a Learning Rebbe as well.  Although you are not actually teaching our campers in a classic classroom setting, the campers are learning from you every moment.  The way you act, daven, eat, even how you referee a basketball game or cheer for your bunk; your every action is being subconsciously watched and absorbed by dozens of children and at that moment, and hundreds of moments like it throughout the summer, you are their Rebbe and mentor. 

If you join us you will have a great time and enjoy yourself, while having a major impact on the future of Klal Yisroel.  

Experience has proven that the campers' impressions of your actions will really remain with them longer than many things their classroom Rebbaim teach them throughout the year. If accepted to Camp Le'mala it is with the understanding that your actions will reflect a  primary example of a true Ben Torah with you as a key part of our campers growth.

The trademark of Camp Le’mala is that everyone is Chushuv, each camper is  a future star in Klal Yisroel in one way or another.